How does a Poker Run Work?

Poker runs can be extremely fun to compete in. All you need is a car, a few friends to bring along for the ride and perhaps a small registration fee and you are good to go. The basic premise of a run is that you travel around your town, or any other location, gathering playing cards from various pre-ordained stops along the way. You then race to the final meeting spot where you play your poker hand using the cards that you have collected. The best hand is declared the winner.

Poker runs are usually set up to benefit a charity, so they can be extremely worthwhile to compete in. When you pay your registration fee, or sometimes at the start-line, the organisers will provide you with details of all the locations that you need to visit in order to collect your cards. It is usually up to you and your team to plan the best route to get to all of those locations in the quickest time. Sometimes, to add to the fun each location will have a mini-game that you must complete before you can move on. It’s an idea to make sure that you choose some friends who have skills, including mental dexterity or physical speed to help you complete these challenges.

Brushing up on your poker skills before you attempt a poker run is also a good idea. Understanding a basic poker hand, for instance, can help make sure that you play the very best hand when you reach the finish line. You might, for instance, collect more cards than you actually need to play to give you the opportunity to put together the best hand that you can. If you lack the understanding of what can win a round of poker, you and your team might struggle to do this. Poker runs are extremely fun but they can get a bit competitive, don’t let lack of poker knowledge be the thing that lets you down.