Big car dealers in the US

Cars are a massive business because driving is the best way of getting around America. There are a host of small local dealers, but if you’re looking for a new car, you’ll want to know which dealerships are the biggest in the US.

Penske Automotive Group

Whether you’ve heard the name Penske from auto racing or through the dealership network, it’s a name that stands for quality. At the moment, the group own and operate 327 retail automotive franchises that represent 42 different manufacturers. They also have 26 collision repair centers dotted throughout America.

Asbury Automotive Group

One of the biggest competitors for Roger Penske’s chain of dealerships is the Asbury Automotive Group. They are based in Atlanta but run a collection of dealerships across the US. They have 97 franchises which are split into 77 dealership locations in 18 markets in 10 states.


AutoNation are another leading provider of new and pre-owned vehicles in America. They operate 266 dealerships through America which represent 32 different manufacturer. They only have dealerships in 15 states, but they achieve nationwide coverage.


This is a mass car sales retailer whose dealerships always stock somewhere between 300 and 400 vehicles. They sell new and used cars in 128 locations across the USA. This is an award winning firm who have been named “America’s Most Admired Company in Automotive Retailing”.