Different Honda Car Engines

Hondas are well-built vehicles with powerful engines and a nice looking frame. Other than their sleek look therefore, they offer the driver sturdiness on the road.

Since the beginning of Honda automobile production back in 1963, several models have been developed. These include the Honda Pilot, Inspire, Shuttle, Accord, Jazz, Civic and CR-V. For all these models, quite a few engine types have been offered in the market.

The A Engine

Numerous variations of the Honda A series engine have been built since 1982 but of all them, the A20A has been among the most popular. The Honda Preludes and Accords made in the 80s had this engine. The A20A had a 98 horsepower and 109ft/lb toque @35000 rpm. However, over the years, various modifications were made on this engine to make it more efficient.

H Series

The H engine was an engine that was available in the market from the early 90’s through to the early 2000s. The engine was a common feature in the Company’s racing cars but was later replaced by the K series.

J Series

Developed by Honda specialists in 1996, the J engine falls in the V6 category alongside the HRT28TT, the Z series and V series. One unique characteristic of Honda’s J series engine is the VCM (Variable Cylinder Management) system, the most recent of which allows either three or four cylinder use in light and medium loads respectively.

K Series Engine

The K20A is one K engine that was specifically designed for the Honda Civic. Like other engines in the series, the K20A has roller rockers meant to reduce friction. This engine type also comes with DOHC valve trains, an I-VTEC system, and an 11.0:1 compression and 1,998cc displacement.

While different parts work together to make a vehicle move, the engine is certainly the most important part. Thus, when you are in the market for an engine, you have to take time to find the correct one. Other than the above-mentioned Honda engines, others makes you can choose from include the Honda B, D, E, F, N and V8 Series.