History of Honda in the racing world

Honda has had a long and distinguished career in motorsports and racing is a key part of their culture and engineering philosophy which they call their ‘challenging spirit’. The founder of Honda, Soichiro Honda, had a deep love of cars, motorcycles and racing to go along with his vision of creating the best automobiles in the world.

It all began back in 1936 when Soichiro and his brother Benjiro entered in Japans Automobile Speed Racing Championship which that year was the first. They raced in a Ford that they had tuned themselves and seemed to be destined for an easy win but unfortunately crashed on their way to the checkered flag to avoid another car exiting the pits. Both brothers sustained bad injuries.

It was all uphill from then though with the young Honda Motor company entering the Japan-US Friendship race in 1949 and the International Road Race in Brazil in 1954. Though Honda did not win this race it showcased the technological superiority of their vehicles to the world. This led to the great wins at the Isla of Man race in 1961, the most prestigious in the world at the time, where Honda dominated the 125cc and 250cc races. Soichiro Honda was instrumental during this time in the development of The Suzuka Circuit. Completed in 1962 this track was a full-scale circuit that had the capabilities for hosting international races. His belief was that developing machines for racing would improve the company’s vehicles as a whole.

From then on Honda continued to build on its success in the Moto GP world and also entered back into Formula 1 in the 80s after a break in the 60s to concentrate on passenger vehicles. The company has always done well in motorsport, particularly Moto GP where it is consistently one of the dominating manufacturers. This is reflected in the betting odds for the company which mirrors its success and the confidence of the gambling market. Honda are not quite looking like the bookmakers favourites to take out the Formula one at the moment however and are offering big odds there, though they are looking more favourably on Honda manufacturers in the Moto GP with more positive odds on offer.