Honda’s model range reviewed

Although Honda’s a Japanese firm, they’re one of the automotive industries biggest investors in the US and 94% of the cars they sell to Americans are produced in North America. These locally produced cars are designed for the American market and sold in 1,300 dealerships across the country, so a Honda car is almost as American as vehicles from the traditional big three domestic manufacturers.

Honda Civic

Statistics show that the nation’s best-selling car is the Ford F-Series truck which has been the overall best seller for over three decades. The best-selling car according to the same stats is the Toyota Camry, but the Honda Civic is also a number one selling vehicle. When the sales numbers for sedans sold to individuals rather than fleets is added up, the Civic comes out top. The basic car comes with a 4-cylinder engine that produces 143bhp which is quick enough for most drivers. If not, a 205bhp version is also sold.

Honda Accord

This is a versatile car that’s available as a sedan, coupe, hybrid and plug-in. This is an affordable mid-sized car that comes has achieved a four-star overall rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Engine choices begin with a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder engine. A V6 powered Accord is also sold alongside the hybrid options, all of which send power to the front wheels.

Honda CR-V

If you’re looking for something an affordable compact SUV, the CR-V could be the car for you. The starting price is only a few hundred dollars more than the Accord, so the SUV shape hasn’t been used as an excuse to increase the price point. As with other Hondas, there are lots of different trim levels available for the CR-V and you can choose between front wheel drive or all-wheel drive models.

Honda Pilot

This is the ultimate Honda if interior space is what you need. The Pilot is a midsized SUV so it’s a bit more expensive than the CR-V, but you get eight seats and plenty of interior space for the family and all the equipment you’ll need for road trips.

Honda Ridgeline

This pickup is a Honda that’s always praised for its car-like handling. The entry-level machine’s V6 is adequate but may strain if you’re carrying a heavy load or pulling a trailer. A lot of reviews criticize the Ridgeline’s interior because it is a bit uninspiring, but it’s functional and offers a lot of space, which is all you need if you’re going to use the Ridgeline for your job.