Simple Car Movers for a Garage

Starting a car to move it around a garage wastes fuel and brings exhaust fumes into an enclosed space. It is therefore better to have a way of moving cars around a garage to avoid this and there are a few options available.

Simple Wheel Dollies

These are steel plates set on heavy duty castors. They are usually supplied in a set of four, with one dolly for each wheel. Setting them in place means jacking up a car so that it can be lowered on to them and this is usually done one or two wheels at a time. Once the dollies are in place it is possible for a single person to manually push the car around, with the maneuverability of the castors allowing this to be done in any direction. If using these it can be best to choose a set that have locks so the castors can be secured in position to avoid accidental movement.

Jacking Wheel Dollies

Jacking dollies are also used one to each wheel. The design enables them to be positioned around a wheel, with a hydraulic mechanism then activated to raise it up. The castors on the dollies allow the car to be manually pushed around once all four are in place.

Motorized Vehicle Mover

A motorized car mover is an option for drivers that want to take the manual labor out of moving a car, with the Stringo being an example of this. An operator stands on this and drives it up to a vehicle so that its front platform slides underneath and up to the wheels. A bar slowly wraps around the back of the wheels to move them onto the platform and once in place the Stringo can be maneuvered around by the operator to move the car.

Whether you are an individual with one car or a fleet operator with many, having a way to move vehicles around a garage is a common sense idea. Those shown above are some of the simplest options available and using them enables the safe and convenient movement of cars around an enclosed garage space.