Where are Honda cars built

Honda is a multinational corporation, a well known automobile and motorcycle manufacturer headquartered in Minato, Japan. To keep up with its customers’ demands and to diversify its car model catalogue, Honda spread out its assembly plants across the globe like tentacles.

A list of assembly plant locations, a testimony to Honda’s worldwide recognition, will help you visualise the extent of the company’s expansion: USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, China, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Belgium, Turkey, India, Japan, Peru, Malaysia, Taiwan, The Philippines and England. Not all that impressive, you may think, but what if we told you that there are several plants per country, in some cases?

Honda’s shares trade on many stock exchange markets, including the New York Stock Exchange. Being such a popular brand in the USA, Honda has several plants on American soil, more specifically in East Liberty, Greensburg, Lincoln, and in Marysville. A different car model is built in each facility, the only exception being the popular Honda CR-V which is produced in three of the plants to quench the Americans’ stereotypical thirst for SUVs. In fact, the assembly plant in Marysville was first ever Japanese car manufacturing assembly plant in America, and it simply couldn’t keep up with high demand for the cars, just as the customers couldn’t put up with the painstakingly long waiting lists.